Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moshe's Missing Part I

In one of the parshiyos around now there's something horribly missing. Moshe's name. When I was in yeshiva or NCSY or camp or YU or Chaim Berlin or wherever I was, I was taught by my teacher that Rashi says this is because Moshe asked Hashem - that's asked Hashem - to take his name out of the Torah if He didnt want to forgive bnei yisroel for their sins. Hashem took out his name from one parsha instead. Something like that, anyway.

But how stupid does my teacher think I am, anyway? Everyone knows that they used to only read a few psukim a week and take like three years to finish the torah. do you seriously think that moshe's name appeared every week when they lained like that?

and why did Rashi feel the need to go for such an outrageous pshat? I can think of a great answer, and you should come back in a couple minutes to see what it is. i have to go to the bathroom right now.


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