Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I see that there was a complaint about this blog elsewhere. Normally, i wouldn't even pay any attention to something like this, but since it raised some very serious issues, I'm going to discuss it now.
I'll tell you what I didn't like about DovBear's Treehouse: (1) he's arrogant. If you all don't see that for what it is (ie: arrogance) I feel bad for you and (2) he doesn't hat-tip. That hurt.

The rest of it was pretty good.

The guy who did GH was spot on, but he could have and should have been a whole lot meaner. Like the guy who did me was.
Hey! My sidebar says I don't hat tip! Who does this dovbear (great name, btw) guy think he is?! But any longtime reader of this blog knows that I give hat tips all the time - more often than any other blogger, in fact. I dont know how that got in my template but its probably a conpiracy by the theocon GOPJews to make me look bad for no reason. In fact, both of the posts before this have links in them. this is just some moron being stupid and trying to ruin my reputation.

Next thing you know theyre going to say i cant spell. Well, any longtime reader of this blog knows that I DONT REALY CARE. And to those who dont like the tone of my posts, well, thats just too bad. I write this way because i enjoy it, and if you dont get the sarcasm, I dont care. Go eat some kugel or something.

And you're definitely not getting into my Hall of Fame, even with your great name.

I am not arrogant, and don't think I'm better than anyone else*. It's all part of the shtick here at DovBear's Treehouse. Heck, look at my name! DovBear the Humble!

* (Except GH, CWY, Toby Katz, GOPJews, Ezzie, Yaakov MenCken, and a few other idiots. But those don't count, they're part of the shtick. Plus, I'm not better per say, they're just not all that bright - it's not their fault, though. I actually get along really well with all of them off the blogs. I even invited Toby to the RenReb vs. Shifra mud-wrestling contest that I'm judging!)


At 11:33 PM, Blogger blueenclave said...

2 thumbs up!

At 10:03 AM, Blogger DovBear said...

Ok, that was quite good.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger PsychoToddler said...

Hey, can I be in the DovBear Treehouse Hall of Fame? I promise not to stick up for any of my regular readers when you come to my blog and insult them!


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