Wednesday, March 08, 2006

GodolHador, The Christian Missionary

This is getting rediculous. Not Neccesarily the Godol Hador has posted yet another k*f*r*h-d*k post, this time espousing the greatness of jewsforjesus.
Of course, idiots like DovBear will say that this is "too Christian." Please. Don't make me laugh. Chochmoh bagoyim taamin (oh. I forgot. DovBear doesn't believe in Chazal). And although some might find some of this stuff kiruv clowny, it does sort of make sense. Of course, I don't need some kiruv clown to tell what's pashut -- there are four Gods!!!
What a k*f*r!! First, he gets all hung up on this FGT theory, now he's using the Trinity as a rayah!? What's next, a PBS character as G-d?

Next thing you know, hes gonna say that one of the four g-ds flooded New Orleans, not President Bush. What a k*f*r.


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